PRECYZJA-TECHNIK was set up in 1995 and, in its line of work, is the successor to the PRECYZJA Co-operative (set up in 1950), which consists in design and manufacture of wheel aligners.

PRECYZJA-TECHNIK's scope of business activity includes:

  • design of car diagnostics equipment,
  • sales of wheel alignment systems,
  • manufacture of aligner parts, components and complete wheel alignment systems,
  • commissioned design and manufacture of other workshop equipment,
  • co-operation with sub-contractors, including manufacture of components and tools.

Currently, PRECYZJA-TECHNIK's main products are wheel aligners. In the sector of vehicles under 3,5 ton GVW, there are:

  • CCD aligner - GeoTest 60,
  • Laser-mechanical aligner - GTO Laser,

For vehicles above 3,5 ton GVW, we have:

  • CCD & laser aligner - GTL Truck,
  • CCD & gyroscope aligner - GeoTruck.

 All the aligners mentioned above have the Motor Transport Institute's (ITS of Warsaw) certificate confirming they fulfill all rigorous requirements necessary to be used in garages certified to do MOT's - decide whether a vehicle is road-worthy.