GTO Laser - wall-mounted

GTO Laser - wall-mounted version allows you to measure wheel alignment in passenger cars and minivans, as well as light commercial vehicles with rim diameter of 12” to 20”. GTO is a mechanical-laser device; the horizontal angles (partial and total toe, front axle set back and thrust angle) are measured using low-energy, semi-conductor lasers, whereas the vertical angles (camber, caster and king-pin inclination are measured with adjustable air-bubble levels. The use of laser beams makes it possible to work even in direct sunlight; at the same time the lasers are completely safe. The measuring units are powered with new-generation batteries (they have no memory effect); charging and optimised charging takes place when the measuring units are placed back in their docks.


This version features a wall-hanging unit instead of a cabinet.


Dimensions390 x 200 x 470 mm (wall-hanging unit)
Power 220-230 V~ 50/60 Hz
Batteries yes
Inspection site pit/lift 2/4-column/scissor

Training video

GTO Laser
GTO Laser
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